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About Stella Care

and the people behind

Stella Care solves a problem in society by utilizing and building on existing technology so it can be used for other purposes than what was originally intended.

Stella Care stands out from its competitors by:

  • Having a GPS system for people with dementia that is developed with the help of the users, making it very user-friendly. It is controlled from a smartphone app.
  • Having our app alerting the user automatically if something is the matter. For example, if a GPS tracker is switched off or the battery is low. And of course, the app issues an alarm when the person with dementia leaves the area.
  • Offering small GPS trackers that will not affect the dignity of the wearer. The GPS trackers come in different forms, e.g. as a wristwatch or a small box. All of our GPS trackers are waterproof.
  • A constant improvement and development of our system. Due to the fact that we have developed the system ourselves, we also have the opportunity to make improvements that our competitors are unable to make.

We support the Alzheimer’s Association

AlzheimerforeningenAt Stella Care, we think that the work of the Danish Alzheimer’s Association is commendable. Therefore, we support the Association in providing better conditions for people with dementia and their relatives.

Rasmus Hansen

About Rasmus Hansen

Rasmus holds a Bachelor of Engineering and is specialized in electronics. Moreover, Rasmus has a degree in Engineering Business Administration – an education within strategy, management and business development. At Stella Care, Rasmus is responsible for sales, administration, strategy and business development.

Rasmus lives at Østerbro, Copenhagen.

Søren S. Christiansen

About Søren S. Christiansen

Søren has a Master of Science in Engineering and is specialized in programming and electronics. At Stella Care, Søren is responsible for the technical aspect of the company. This means everything from development and maintenance of our app and the underlying server system for programming of GPS trackers.

Søren lives in Virum, north of Copenhagen.

Johannes Hartby

About Johannes Hartby

Software Developer
At Stella Care, Johannes’ job is to develop and maintain our apps for Android and iPhones. Johannes is an engineer and programmer. Johannes has specialized in graphic design, programming in Swift and Java. Furthermore, Johannes is responsible for testing and implementing new products.

Johannes lives at Amager, Copenhagen.

Michael Pihl Lundberg

About Michael Pihl Lundberg

Customer Supporter
Michael is responsible for customer support and technical support of our customers. Michael will usually be the one answering the phone when you call. Michael holds a Bachelor in Nutrition and Health, Health Promotion, Prevention and Dissemination.

Michael lives at Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Mie S. Madsen

About  Mie S. Madsen

Market Responsible
Mie’s responsibilities are to plan and perform tasks in sales and marketing. Mie also carries out assignments involving business development and strategy, collaborating closely with Rasmus. Mie currently studies Global Business Engineering, graduating in the summer of 2017.

Mie lives at Amager, Copenhagen.

Asbjørn Kofoed-Nielsen

About Asbjørn Kofoed-Nielsen

Software Developer
Asbjørn develops and maintains our web platform. This ranges from the user interface that customers see when logged in from a pc, to the ‘engine’ underneath, and everything in between. Furthermore, Asbjørn solves various other programming tasks, in collaboration with Johannes and Søren. Asbjørn is in the 2nd year of HTX.

Asbjørn lives in Ballerup.