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Emergency Call

Safety and security in the home
  • Nødkald - Hjælp til demens og Alzheimers
  • Nødkald - Hjælp til demens Tracking af demente med GPS

An Emergency Call provides safety and security for people living independently. With an Emergency Call from Stella Care, you can contact another person 24/7, and ask for help. We have the most reliable system on the market.

If an accident happens or you suddenly feel ill, press the Emergency Call and you will immediately be able to communicate with a person that can help you.

When the alarm button is pressed, the Emergency Call contacs our control centre. Here, we have people operating the phones 24/7. The control centre can call for backup, contact relatives, or follow your instructions. Or they can talk to and soothe you, in an experienced and professional manner.

The Emergency Call is available as a wristwatch or a small box that can be worn around your neck or attached to your belt.

You can return the product within 14 days. If the product does not live up to your expectations, simply return the Emergency Call within 14 days completely free of charges.