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Care Tracker quick guides

Stella Care quick guide til installation

Quick guide – app installation

If you need help for downloading the Care Tracker app, you can follow the 8 easy step’s in this quick guide. When the app is downloaded, you will be able to see the GPS trackers linked to your phone number.

Updated 07.02.2017 (in danish)

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Stella Care quick guide til brug

Quick guide – using the app

This quick guide gives you an introduction to the app’s functionalities. This is among other things a description of the app-symbols, how to locate a person, how to call a GPS tracker or change the GPS tracker’s name

Updated 26.04.2018 (in danish)

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Videoguides for GPS trackers

This is how the Smart watch functions

This is how the Navigator watch functions

This is how the Plus watch functions

This is how Step insole functions

This is how MiniBox functions

This is how Basic functions

Videoguides for the Care Tracker app

This is how the Care Tracker app functions

How to find a resident who has gone missing