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Panic Alarm

Personal safety and security
  • Overfaldsalarm
  • Overfaldsalarm - Hjælp til demens og Alzheimers

Provide safety and security for the municipal professionals that go on house calls. If a caregiver gets in trouble at the home of a client, or if the caregiver is threatened, help is called at the push of a button. We have the most reliable system on the market.

With a Panic Alarm from Stella Care, you are sure to receive help whenever you need it. When you push the button on the small Panic Alarm, the police are alerted that you need help. The Panic Alarm always knows your exact location. Few seconds after you have pushed the button, the police will know where you are, and they will be on their way to help you.

The Panic Alarm is particularly useful for caregivers going on house calls. If the caregivers visit persons suffering from mental illness living in their own homes, the panic alarm is an indispensable partner. Ultimately, it could save the life of the caregiver.

Other people can also be alerted when you push the Panic Alarm button. Via an app, other smartphones can be alerted when you push the button. The location of the Panic Alarm is displayed on the smartphone when the alarm button is pushed. The location of the Panic Alarm is not visible unless an alarm has been activated.

You can return the product within 14 days. If the product does not live up to your expectations, simply return it within 14 days completely free of charges.