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Every minute is valuable

When your daily work exists of providing care for other people, every minute is important. 7 out of 10 employees working with elderly have during the last year experienced that a person with dementia has gone missing. We can only imagen the level of stress that arises when an incident as described above occurs. The…

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Students Analyse Workflow in Use of GPS and Help Us Improve Our Product and Service

A group of anthropology students has in collaboration with Stella Care analysed the workflow in the use of GPS trackers in nursing homes and in the home care. The purpose was to find out whether we can improve our product, our service or workflow in order to ease the use of our product for the…

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Android app opdateret
Android App Update

We have just launched an update to our Care Tracker app for Android. Your phone automatically tells you when the app is ready to install. Among other things, we have improved the layout, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Furthermore, we have changed some technical quirks which are not apparent to you as a user,…

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