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Quick guides
Every minute is valuable

When your daily work exists of providing care for other people, every minute is important. 7 out of 10 employees working with elderly have during the last year experienced that a person with dementia has gone missing. We can only imagen the level of stress that arises when an incident as described above occurs. The…

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Stella Care fylder 4 år
Stella Care Celebrates 4 Years Anniversary

The 28th of March marked the day Stella Care was established four years earlier. And we must have done something right. We spent our own money on the start-up, and in the beginning things went slowly. We did not have money for marketing, and customer contact was mainly achieved by being present at various events…

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Nye film
New Films Make It Easier to Use Our System

We have created some short films that show how to use our system. The films are quick guides that instruct in using the app. The films can be found under Instructions & Films. We are also working on short instruction films on how to set-up a new GPS tracker. They will also be available on our website…

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