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Livet med demens
When life is changed by dementia

Only two years has passed since Nina lost her husband, Steen. In 2011 Steen started to show signs of dementia, and the common daily activities suddenly became a challenge. From this moment Steen’s life was to become heavily affected by the illness, until his death 4 years later. Today Nina shares her story, describing the…

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Nye film
New Films Make It Easier to Use Our System

We have created some short films that show how to use our system. The films are quick guides that instruct in using the app. The films can be found under Instructions & Films. We are also working on short instruction films on how to set-up a new GPS tracker. They will also be available on our website…

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Students Analyse Workflow in Use of GPS and Help Us Improve Our Product and Service

A group of anthropology students has in collaboration with Stella Care analysed the workflow in the use of GPS trackers in nursing homes and in the home care. The purpose was to find out whether we can improve our product, our service or workflow in order to ease the use of our product for the…

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