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Care Tracker app

Care Tracker app

User-friendly app for GPS tracking

Stella Cares products – The Care Tracker is an aid for people with dementia

Click on the image to watch an instructional video about the Care Tracker (in danish)

Stella Care’s system consists of two parts. A GPS tracker and an app.

The GPS tracker is carried by the person with dementia, and the app is normally used by relatives or nursing staff. We call our GPS trackers Care trackers.

With the Care Tracker, we solve a problem in society, by offering a world-class GPS tracking system used to track people with dementia when relatives or caregivers are missing them. The Care Trackers is available as a watch, small box or insole. The small GPS trackers enable the person with dementia to carry the GPS trackers in a dignifying way.

We have developed an app, which is used to locate the GPs trackers. It is important for us to deliver a user-friendly system, and we have therefore developed the app in collaboration with our users. The app gives important information about the GPS trackers, for instance, geo fence alarms when a person leaves his or her geo fence area. To secure that the person gets home safely, the caregivers can follow the person carrying a GPS, updating every second.

The Care Tracker provides freedom for people with dementia, to continue an active life outdoors.

Examples of Use of the Care Tracker

Inga, Brøndby, Denmark

Inga lives in a nursing home in Brøndby. Inga is 82 years old and suffers from dementia. Inga wants to go out, but the nursing home personnel are afraid to let her go out on her own. They fear that she will get lost. They have tried giving her a GPS, but she does not want to wear it. The nursing home contacts Stella Care. Stella Care suggests that she tries the MiniBox. The MiniBox is one of the smallest GPS devices on the market for people with dementia. The caregivers manage to get Inga to wear the little box. They tell Inga that it is hers and that she must always carry it around in her pocket. The MiniBox watches over Inga.

The caregivers can now let Inga go out when she feels like it. They can always track Inga from their smartphone, and they notice that Inga always goes to the cemetery close by. Inga is always back within an hour.

The smartphone automatically alarms them the second Inga leaves the nursing home. With their previous GPS system for people with dementia, the nursing home often received false alarms. This is not the case with the Care Tracker system from Stella Care.

Anna Maria, Rødovre, Denmark

Anna Maria lives in an apartment in Rødovre. Anna Maria suffers from dementia and receives care in her home. Anna Maria loves her home and does not want to move into a nursing home. Rødovre Municipality contacts Stella Care and asks us to help them solve the problem. Anna Maria receives a MiniBox from Stella Care. Anna Maria’s daughter tells Stella Care which places her mother usually goes to in the city. If Anna Maria strays from her normal paths, her daughter is alarmed immediately on her smartphone. Anna Maria’s daughter can see where her mother is, and she can help her back on track if necessary.

Anna Maria can continue to live in her own home and move around freely on her own in Rødovre. Anna Maria can stay in her own home – hopefully, for a long time. With the GPS from Stella Care she has maintained her freedom to move around freely.