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Every minute is valuable

When your daily work exists of providing care for other people, every minute is important. 7 out of 10 employees working with elderly have during the last year experienced that a person with dementia has gone missing. We can only imagen the level of stress that arises when an incident as described above occurs. The…

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DemensKoordinatorernes Årskursus 2016
The Annual Conference for Dementia Coordinators 2016

True to traditions, we had a stand at the Annual Conference for Dementia Coordinators in Nyborg, Denmark. We were met with an overwhelming interest, especially for our new GPS watch, Navigator. Subsequently, we have been really busy at the office, but also with visiting all the customers and municipalities that are interested in the new…

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Tekniker til service og support søges
Stella Care Is Looking to Hire Service and Support Technician

Four years ago, we – Søren and Rasmus – established the company Stella Care. We wanted to deliver professional GPS tracking of people with dementia to the municipalities and nursing centres. At that time, GPS tracking systems were only made to be used in cars and machines. However, these were applied to human beings as…

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Demenskoordinatorernes Årskursus
The Annual Conference for Dementia Coordinators in Denmark 2015

Once again, we participate in the Annual Conference for Dementia Coordinators in Nyborg, Denmark, 9th – 11th of September. We look forward to meeting all of you – both our current and future customers. Drop by our stand and learn more about what we are working on presently and have a look at our new initiatives.

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