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    The Care Tracker prevents people with dementia from going missing

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The Care Tracker provides safety and security

Our customers applaud us for providing them with a user-friendly and safe system. The system is operated from a smartphone app. The app displays the position of the GPS tracker second by second, battery life and other issues that aquire your attention.
It is easy. It is safe. It provides a sense of security.

We have been awarded entrepreneurial awards for our Care Tracker.
Many municipalities have already experienced how great the system is and are now replacing their old-fashioned systems with the Care Tracker, which has already helped a lot of missing people with dementia to get back home. Would you also like to offer citizens with dementia and their relatives the best solution?

GPS units

Smart ure


Great precision, smart design and new technology

Navigator GPS ur


Safety, long battery life and slick design

Plus GPS ur


Great precision, safety and robustness

Step skosål


Very discreet GPS tracker with high accuracy

MiniBox GPS tracker


Great precision and safety

Basic GPS trackers


Long battery life at a favourable price

Already chosen by approximately 50 municipalities


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The two basic parts of the Care Tracker system

GPS unit

Worn by the person with dementia


Installed on a smartphone