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  • Basic

    Discreet, soft and gentle curves

Basic is a favourably priced GPS tracker, with a battery life of at least 48 hours. Basic measures 6.2 x 1.7 x 4.5 cm.

You receive the current location from the GPS tracker every other minute. Basic is waterproof and comes with a neck strap. It has a built-in phone. The button on the front can be set to dial a specific phone number. Basic can also be called directly form the app.

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Why choose Basic?

  • The GPS can be placed on your keychain
  • It has a long battery lifespan
  • Is available in black and a feminine pink color
  • Basic GPS tracker
  • Basic GPS tracker pink
  • Basic GPS tracker + oplader
  • Basic GPS tracker pink + oplader
  • Basic GPS tracker med halssnor
  • Basic med smykkesnor

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Features and accessories for the Basic GPS tracker

Features of the Basic

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  • Time between new locations 2 min.
  • Battery life 48 hours
  • Compatible with geo fence (down to) 50 metres
  • Compatible with Home Zone Power Saver No
  • Tracking via user-friendly app on smartphone and tablet Yes
  • Tracking via PC Yes
  • Waterproof No
  • Two-way speech functionality Yes
  • Neck strap included Yes
  • Case for belt included No
  • Charger and charging cable included Yes

  • Prices (excl. VAT)

  • Lease per month (everything incl.) 349 DKK
  • Purchase (excl. subscription fee) 1.995 DKK
  • Subscription fee per month when purchasing 189 DKK
USB oplader fra StellaCare

USB charger and cable

Price 99 DKK.

Minibox med multioplader


The multi-charger is used for charging several GPS trackers simultaneously. Price (excl. cables) 229 DKK.

All prices are listed excluding VAT.