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Discreet GPS tracker with high accuracy
  • Step skosål
  • Step skosål

Step is an insole with an integrated GPS. This enables the GPS tracker to be placed discreetly inside a shoe, minimizing the risks of leaving the GPS tracker behind.
The insole measures 1.6 cm in height and weighs 87 g. The insole is offered in three different sizes, which each can be trimmed according to the individual person’s needs:

Small: 34-38 (EU)
Medium: 37-42
Large: 41-46

The insole sends positions every 15 sec. when tracking the device, and has a battery lifespan of minimum 36 hours.

Features of the Step

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  • Time between new locations 15 sec.
  • Accuracy 10 metres
  • Battery life (minimum) 36 hours
  • Compatible with geo fence (down to) 20 metres
  • Compatible with Home Zone Power Saver Nej
  • Tracking via user-friendly app on smartphone as well as iPad and tablet Yes
  • Tracking via PC Yes
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Two-way speech functionality No
  • Charger and charging cable included Yes

  • Prices (excl. VAT)

  • Lease per month (everything incl.) 449 DKK
  • Purchase (excl. subscription fee) 2.995 DKK
  • Subscription fee per month when purchasing 299 DKK
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Accessories for the Step GPS tracker

We offer various accessories for our GPS trackers.
Contact us if you need any accessories for your GPS tracker.