Evi GPS box for dementia sufferers

Hmi no.: 127944 The Evi GPS device is for anyone who needs security on a daily basis and the freedom to move around without restriction. Precise positions, long battery life and safe charging are the hallmarks of the Evi. The Evi has a battery life of between 40 and 60 hours and is just 6.1 x 4.4 x 1.6 cm in size. Prices from DKK 299.00 per month

Simple design, worn discreetly on a belt or around the neck, or carried in a bag

The Evi is our latest GPS box. We recommend the Evi to anyone who does not want to wear a watch, for whatever reason. Perhaps they already have a watch that they are happy with. The advantage of the Evi is that the wearer can hang it around their neck or place it in a belt bag. We designed the bag ourselves so that it fits the Evi perfectly, thereby ensuring that the dementia sufferer is carrying the device with them at all times. The Evi has a long battery life, which means there is no need to charge it every day.
One-off payment 0,-
Subscription 449,-
One-off payment 2995,-
Subscription 299,-

What does hiring a device involve?
You pay a fixed monthly amount if you choose to hire your GPS device. This amount includes the GPS device itself and the subscription. If you no longer need the GPS device, you can always return the product and your hire agreement will be terminated. Stella Care retains ownership of hired devices.

What does buying a device involve?
Our GPS devices come with a 12-month warranty. Faulty devices will be replaced free of charge during the warranty period. Ownership of the device passes the customer at the time of purchase, so the device does not need to be returned if the agreement is terminated. The device cannot be used with the Stella Care system if the subscription is cancelled. You have to pay a fixed monthly subscription charge if you buy the GPS device. The service level is the same regardless of whether you choose to buy or hire your devices.

What a subscription includes
A subscription comes with a SIM card/e-SIM, round-the-clock service 365 days a year, i.e. setting up GPS devices, phones for tracking purposes, online logins, geofences, etc. The subscription also includes software updates for both GPS devices and the localisation system.

Prices are stated in DKK ex. VAT

Time between new positions 15 seconds
Battery life 40-60 hours
Geofencing option (down to) 20 metres
Lockable watch strap option Yes
Home zone power saver option Yes
Tracking via user-friendly app on phone or tablet Yes
Waterproof Yes – IP67
Two-way voice communication capability Ja
Charger and charging cable included Yes