Stella Care ApS Privacy Policy
Updated on 31 May 2018

Thank you for using Stella Care services. This document describes how we process the information we collect when you buy any of our products or subscriptions, when you use the Care Tracker app for iOS or Android, when you log in to the Stella Care web interface or view the Stella Care newsletter, our website at and our other services.

What and why
The following information is stored to enable us to provide, improve and protect our services:

Payment information. We collect information such as your name, address, email address, phone number and other payment details when you purchase products or services from us. We use this data for delivery, payment and communication with the customer about the status of products and services purchased, as well as products and services that may be of interest.

App account. We store phone numbers for devices that have to access the Care Tracker app. The phone number is often stored with a description of where the phone is used so that web interface users can tell the difference between app accounts. We also store information about the use of the app; uptime, communication between the app and the server, which GPS devices are being tracked, for how long, and which alerts have been received. Hardware information is also stored from the phone where the app is installed. This is limited to the UUID, the version of the operating system, the version of the app and the name of the hardware. This information is used solely to improve our service and security, and to offer better support.

GPS device. We collect GPS coordinates, address, speed and direction in real time, and link this with a GPS device. Details about the GPS device are mostly limited to a hardware ID, software settings and an owner (payment information). If a customer chooses to share further information regarding the use of the GPS device, we may store this if so requested by the customer.

Web interface. When you use the web interface, we collect information such as your IP address, date, time and username when you log in, edit or add devices so as to provide better support, and also for security reasons.

Newsletter. When you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, we store your email address and name, and also your place of work and phone number if you so allow. This is used to customise the newsletter for the customers receiving it so that it is more relevant to them. It can also be used to let customers know about new products and services that may be of interest to them.

Shared with whom?
Personal, financial and other information is generally not shared with anyone. The following exceptions may apply. Under no circumstances will we sell your personal information to third parties.

Law and order. We may share information with third parties if this is deemed necessary in order to (a) comply with the law, (b) prevent loss of life or avoid personal injury, or (c) prevent fraud or abuse of the Stella Care system, users or employees.

Partners. We only share data with our partners (suppliers, customers) insofar as it is safe and relevant to do so. Data processing agreements have been drawn up with them as required by applicable law.

Other users. If an emergency alert is set up to contact several app users, the app user who responds to the alert first will automatically share their phone number with the other alert recipients so an appropriate response can be coordinated.

Colleagues. An institution may have several user accounts, so it may be necessary to share information with several staff members from the same institution. This type of agreement is discussed when setting up the subscription.

How long for?
The customer’s payment information is stored on Stella Care’s systems as long as the customer has an active subscription.

Customer data is also stored as long as there is a legitimate purpose for it, which is generally 5 years plus the current year.

Location data is deleted automatically after 14 days.

How you can access it
You can only access real-time location data by default. In other words, you can see the latest position broadcast by the GPS tracker. You can ask Stella Care for access to historical data in special cases.

Users who no longer have a current subscription will not be able to access their data. The user will be deactivated and the data associated with them will be deleted.

We process personal data on behalf of the data owner. You must contact the data owner if you want your personal data deleted, corrected or returned to you.

The data owner is responsible for how Stella Care is used, and to what extent. If anyone does not wish to use a GPS device, this must be agreed with the data owner. Data on a person can only be deleted at the request of the data owner.

The data owner holds legal responsibility for ensuring that personal data is processed in accordance with applicable law. Hence the data owner is responsible for choosing instruments ensuring compliance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

If ownership rests with your municipality, you must contact them to ask them to ask for your data to be deleted and/or returned.

However, some processing time associated with the processing/return of data is to be expected.

We work in accordance with a set of guidelines that ensure Stella Care products can be used securely by users. These are maintained by both technical and organisational security measures that prevent inappropriate loss, deterioration, theft (hacking) or other misuse of personal data.

To keep your information safe on the Stella Care web interface, it is important for system users not to share their password with unauthorised persons. For the same reason, we do not provide forgotten passwords without confirming the customer’s identity first.

The Stella Care website uses cookies to improve users’ experience of our service. A cookie is a tiny text file that is stored on your computer so that it can be recognised when you return to the site. Cookies do not collect personal data and cannot contain viruses or other malware.

Stella Care uses cookies to ensure (a) that login details are remembered when so requested by the user, (b) the best possible operational capacity measured on the basis of traffic on the portal.

Cookies delete themselves after a certain number of months (this time may vary depending on your browser), but they are renewed after each visit.

You can block cookies if you do not want to receive them. See the guide.

If you have any queries or concerns about the use of our services or privacy policy, please get in touch with us at [email protected] FAO: Mary Svartzengren.