Basic GPS box for dementia sufferers

Hmi no.: 102610
Basic GPS tracker – Discreet, soft and stylish. The Basic is a little GPS tracker with a battery life of 40 to 60 hours and is just 62 x 17 x 45 mm in size. This GPS device is waterproof and comes with a neck strap so it can be worn around the neck. The Basic comes with a built-in phone so you can make calls to and from the GPS device. You just have to press the button on the front to make a call from the GPS device. Of course, you can call the Basic tracker directly from the app as well.

Discreet, soft and stylish design with
induction charging

The Basic is a little GPS box with a soft shape that is pleasant to touch. We recommend the Basic for anyone who does not want to wear a watch.

The Basic can be a useful solution if the dementia sufferer usually carries their keys around, as it can resemble a car key.

The Basic can be attached to a neck strap and
be worn around the neck.

The Basic is particularly appealing as it is an inexpensive option while also offering all the most essential functions for locating dementia sufferers.

Time between new positions 15 seconds
Battery life 40-60 hours
Geofencing option (down to) 20 metres
Lockable watch strap option Yes
Home zone power saver option Yes
Tracking via user-friendly app on phone or tablet Yes
Waterproof* IP67*
Two-way voice communication capability Ja
Charger and charging cable included Yes

* You can take Basic+ into the shower or clean/wash it in lukewarm water. Should you accidentally put the device in the washing machine or drop the device in the toilet, it will typically withstand this as well.