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You can always get in touch with us 24 hours a day by phoning +45 42 42 90 60 – we answer the phone ourselves, and you can wake us up at night if you need to.

We look forward to hearing from you

We look forward to hearing from you, whether you have any questions about our products or need our help. Either Søren or Rasmus will answer your call if you phone outside our normal opening hours. This is something we do because this is our business, and STELLA CARE is our passion. Serving our customers is far too important a job for us to pass it to a call centre. And we really love talking to our customers.

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Rasmus Hansen

CEO +45 42 42 90 50 [email protected] Bringing tried and tested technology into play in new ways to make a real difference to many people’s lives is a real inspiration to me. Talking to our users helps me to realise that my work and what we strive to achieve every day is worth the effort.

Mie Sofie Madsen

Sales Manager +45 42 90 90 51 [email protected] I have seen and experienced first-hand how our products can make a difference to families affected by dementia. This is why the message of freedom to forget has a personal meaning for me.

Mary Svartzengren

Marketing Manager +45 92 15 90 60 [email protected] I enjoy using my skills in user-friendliness and design to create systems for people who need additional help in their lives on account of their dementia.

Søren S. Christensen

CTO +45 42 42 90 70 [email protected] I love devising, adapting and communicating technology in ways that make people feel less worried and more secure in their day-to-day lives. I get to have a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people, every single day.  

Johannes Hartby

Software Developer +45 61 42 90 70 [email protected] When the work I do saves another person’s life, that motivates me even more in my efforts to maintain the supreme quality standards we deliver with our software, which I help to program.

Esben Dalgaard

Software Developer +45 42 90 90 78 [email protected] I am fascinated by the practical applications for our technology, allowing us to help vulnerable people in our society. I believe that we can improve people’s quality of life significantly with a little creativity and the courage to try out new ideas.

Daniel B. Andreasen

Software Developer +45 92 82 90 70 [email protected] I am proud to be part of the strong Stella Care community, where we all know one another and can join forces to battle for a common cause – our users, the people whose lives our modern technologies affect in vital ways.

Theis Jensen

Software Developer +45 61 73 90 50 [email protected] Working with modern technology that improves quality of life for people with very difficult and complex lives is an inspiration to me.

Alex Nikolajsen

Customer Supporter +45 42 42 90 60 [email protected] It is liberating and enormously motivating to know that your day-to-day work helps to make life safer for dementia sufferers, their families and the people who care for them every day in our municipalities.

Louise Skibsted

Customer Supporter +45 42 42 90 60 [email protected] I have always had great empathy with others, and I have a desire to help people in need. This is why I am happy to be part of a fantastic team of people who share my beliefs and desire to help people who may not be able to ask for help themselves.