Liva – A GPS watch for female dementia sufferers

Hmi-nr: 139084
Liva has been created with care and attention to detail. Its rose-gold colour and elegant case make it an ideal accessory for female dementia sufferers.

With a Liva GPS watch, female dementia sufferers can retain their freedom and independence, while having the security they need without compromise.

Discover the ultimate sense of freedom and peace of mind with our Liva GPS watch today.

Attractive and elegant GPS watch for women

The Liva watch has been created with reliability in mind. With an impressive battery life of up to 5 days, you can trust that the watch will always be ready to provide optimum protection and security. This means less anxiety and greater peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Liva is more than just a GPS device – it’s a fashion statement. Designed with care and aesthetics in mind, the watch’s elegant look makes it the perfect accessory.

For anyone who needs added security, there is the option of purchasing a lockable watch strap. This prevents the watch from being removed inadvertently and ensures that it remains securely in place.

Time between new positions 15 sec.
Battery life 1-5 days
Geofencing option (down to) 20 metres
Lockable watch strap option Yes
Home zone power saver option Yes
Tracking via user-friendly app on phone or tablet Yes
Waterproof* IP67*
Two-way voice communication capability Yes
Charger and charging cable included Yes

* You can take Liva into the shower or clean/wash the watch in lukewarm or hot water. Should you accidentally put the device in the washing machine or drop the device in the toilet, the watch will be functional after that. The watch can withstand swimming in either a swimming pool or on the beach.

Change watchface Yes
Alarm button Yes