When your daily work exists of providing care for other people, every minute is important.

7 out of 10 employees working with elderly have during the last year experienced that a person with dementia has gone missing. We can only imagen the level of stress that arises when an incident as described above occurs. The technologies user-friendliness is in this case essential; to give the comfort needed in the situation.

We at Stella Care always want to have a product and app which is easy to use. To illustrate this we have compiled 2 simple Quick guides:

  • One which describes how the Stella Care app should be installed on your smartphone
  • One which describes, how to use the app.

Inge Tranholm from Skanderborg municipality says:

“The Quick Guides has made it easy and fast to introduce the product to new employees. This has been timesaving for both me and my colleagues.”

Are you interested in having a copy of the 2 Quick guides? Then contact us, and we will send you by mail.

It is also possible to download the Quick guides at our home page. These can be found under the tab “Instructions & Films”.

Reference: https://www.fagbladetfoa.dk/Artikler/2016/03/16/Dementes-udflugter-kan-vaere-livsfarlige