We have experienced a great demand for a GPS watch that looks like a regular watch. Moreover, some people have requested a cheaper alternative to our MiniBox GPS tracker. Therefore, we have introduced two new GPS trackers to our range.

Navigator is a brand new watch on the market. It has a slick design and looks like a regular wristwatch. It has a diameter of 4.8 cm, a height of 1.7 cm, and it weighs 65 g with the leather strap. Navigator contains advanced technology. One of the features of the Navigator GPS wristwatch, despite its small size, is a battery life of minimum 30 hours – and much longer if kept near the charger or a Home Zone Power Saver. You receive the current location of the Navigator every other minute. Read more about the Navigator watch here …

Basic is a favourably priced GPS tracker that caters to most needs. It only measures 6.2 x 1.7 x 4.5 cm. It has a battery life of at least 48 hours. You receive the current location from the GPS tracker every other minute. Basic is waterproof and comes with a neck strap. Read more about the Basic tracker here …

New products
We have prioritized including even more different GPS trackers in our range. At this moment, we are not able to reveal what our next new product will be – but new products are on the way. We are constantly working on developing and improving our system and our products – and on finding GPS trackers that are relevant, meaningful and useful for the people who are going to use them.

Updated apps
We have updated our apps, both for iPhones and Android phones. We have improved the user-friendliness. Among other things, it is now easier to see on the app when the latest new location has been received from a GPS tracker. The app also tells you if you have switched off the sound on your phone and hence will not receive an alarm if a person wearing a GPS tracker leaves a geo fence. Finally, we have also reduced the power consumption of the app.