A few days ago, a man suffering from dementia disappeared from a nursing home in North Jutland, Denmark. Sadly, he was found deceased. The incident has resulted in a renewed focus on the use of GPS tracking in the municipalities.

Stella Care is Denmark’s most innovative GPS tracking company, which in addition to a constant development of mobile apps, also work on decreasing the size of the GPS trackers while increasing battery life. It is important that we constantly keep up with the development to ensure that the client, the caregivers, and the relatives always have the latest and most user-friendly technology for the safeguarding of the person suffering from dementia. This is one of the core values of Stella Care.

The media has asked us for a way to ensure that people suffering from dementia always bring their GPS tracker along. Read more in these articles (Danish):


Besides size and build of the GPS trackers, it is also pivotal that the municipalities have a clear policy in this area, and that responsibility has been awarded to one or more administrators from the municipality. Municipalities with a clear policy in this area and a defined responsibility rarely experience any problems in connection with their use of GPS trackers for people with from dementia.