The 28th of March marked the day Stella Care was established four years earlier. And we must have done something right. We spent our own money on the start-up, and in the beginning things went slowly. We did not have money for marketing, and customer contact was mainly achieved by being present at various events about dementia and by ringing potential customers. But in 2014, the pace picked up – and we are still accelerating. In 2015, we hired Johannes as our programmer, and in 2016, we have hired Richard to strengthen our sales efforts and customer care.

We expect that the future has a lot more in hold for us and that we will continue to grow. Our growth is the result of our current customers using more and more GPS trackers for their clients with dementia, and in addition to this, more municipalities join our customer base. Many municipalities have phased out their old systems in favour of our more up-to-date Care Tracker. And still more follow their lead.

We would like to thank all of our customers and business partners. We appreciate every partnership.