A group of anthropology students has in collaboration with Stella Care analysed the workflow in the use of GPS trackers in nursing homes and in the home care. The purpose was to find out whether we can improve our product, our service or workflow in order to ease the use of our product for the people with dementia as well as ease the work of the caregivers. The students have interviewed dementia coordinators in Brøndby Municipality and Rødovre Municipality. Furthermore, they have followed, observed, and participated in the work at several nursing homes. All of this has resulted in a report, which includes a number of recommendations. Some of these will be implemented in the near future.

The recommendations include:

  • Many places have problems with charging the GPS trackers. Several GPS trackers need charging at the same office with too few electric sockets. As a result, we now offer multi-chargers, in which more GPS trackers can be charged simultaneously.
  • Improvements to the app:
    • It will soon be possible to take a picture of the person who is wearing the GPS tracker. The picture will appear on the list of GPS trackers on the phone.
    • The app will display remaining battery life of the GPS tracker more clearly.
    • It will be possible to see where the GPS tracker has been within the last 30 minutes.
  • Simple instructions:
    • Two new films have been made, instructing people on how to use our app. The films are short and give quick and comprehensible instructions on how to use our app. Watch the films here …
    • We are currently working on instruction films on how to set-up a new GPS tracker. These films will be available on our website briefly.