Bruno Borup from Brøndby also use a GPS from Stella Care. At Stella Care, we have learnt that, besides political focus and will, the important thing is the attitude towards the use of GPS trackers in each municipality and at every nursing centre. Luckily, in Brøndby Municipality, there is both focus and a will to use GPS trackers for people with dementia.

Read the story from here. (Danish)

It is our experience that professionals at the care centres wish to secure people suffering from dementia using GPS tracking, but the necessary resources are not always available. We have an excellent collaboration with a large number of municipalities. Accordingly, we can see that prioritizing the whereabouts of people with dementia pays off.

It is not our experience that people with dementia remove their GPS tracker. If the municipality shows political will and goes wholeheartedly into supplying people suffering from dementia with GPS trackers, it will work. However, it is crucial that the policies of the municipality are implemented at each of the nursing centres.