Only two years has passed since Nina lost her husband, Steen. In 2011 Steen started to show signs of dementia, and the common daily activities suddenly became a challenge. From this moment Steen’s life was to become heavily affected by the illness, until his death 4 years later. Today Nina shares her story, describing the worries and the uncertainty she felt when it became clear that her husband was developing dementia.

“I had a feeling that something was happening to Steen … his behaviour had changed, and he started to get angry outbursts …”

As a relative, it is easy to be left alone with the big changes that occur in one’s life. In this case the nursing staffs have a priceless role, by being able to establish and re-establish the family’s quality of life. This is both regarding the well-being of the relative and the person with dementia.

It is important to create awareness about the difficult situation the relatives are facing, when their loved ones become afflicted by dementia. We have therefore, in the past two weeks, launched the first 2 of 5 films. In the films Nina shares her story, and elaborates upon how she coped with the last and difficult time together with her husband.

Hearing Nina’s story has been an emotional experience, and we are grateful that she thrust us to share her personal story with others. If you would like to hear Nina’s story, it is available here at our home page and Facebook page.