Stella Care has now also developed the Care Tracker app for iOS. Hence, the system can also be applied to iPhones and iPads. We have experienced a rise in the demand for an iPhone app. Some municipalities equip their employees with iPhones, but it is the demand from private citizens in particular that has been on the rise. We already have quite a lot of customers who use the new app.

The app works in practically the same way as the Android app. The phone user automatically receives a notification if the person with dementia leaves the area. Then, one is able to follow the movements of the person with dementia on the phone map – second by second. The map is automatically updated, thus making the app very easy to use. In addition, it is possible to see on the app when the GPS tracker has been in motion, whether it is turned on or off, as well as the battery status of the GPS tracker. Furthermore, the app alarms the user when the GPS tracker has only three hours of battery life left.

The app can be downloaded for free from App Store here, or by searching for “Stella Care” or “caretracker” in the App Store.

Find guides for the app and installation here.