It is still a mystery why more women than men develop dementia. One clue is the age. As the age increases so do the risk of developing dementia. Because women tend to live longer this gives rise for the unequal spreading between women and men with dementia. The Danish Dementia Research Centre has though established that age does not solve the mystery alone. We do unfortunately not have all the answers, but we have used this knowledge to investigate the market for more feminine trackers.

What defines a feminine product is very individual. We have therefore expanded the colour selection of our existing products. This is applicable for the Basic tracker, which is now provided in pink, and the Navigator watch, which is also available in a light colour. Colour does not define who the product is suited for but enables the user to choose what suits them best.

Besides the new lively colours, you might have noticed the creative project on our Facebook page. We have tried to experiment with decorating the Basic tracker’s necklace. All we needed was some string, pearls and a breakaway lock. We believe it gave the tracker character and personality and hoped to inspire others to conduct similar projects. You are very welcome to visit our Facebook page to see the decorated necklace or share your own new and inspiring ideas.