It will soon be possible to update your Stella Care app to an improved version. In the beginning of May, the app will be ready for iPhone users, and shortly after for Android users.

The application is the same, but the safety has been upgraded, and a new user-friendly function has been added.

How has the safety been upgraded?

New developments have enabled the tracker to contact several app users simultaneously. Meaning that when the GPS user pushes the emergency button on the tracker, all contacts will be contacted at the same time. When one of the contacts has answered the call, the other contacts will be notified. This increases the safety, as the GPS user is more certain of getting in contact with a responsible person.

Why is the app more user-friendly?

We have recognized a demand for an itinerary feature to our map in the app. We would like to accommodate this need, and it will, therefore, be available in the upcoming app. To use the feature in the app click “Find GPS”, the map will open, and a blue arrow icon will appear. This will help guide you to the person who you are searching for.