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Livet med demens
When life is changed by dementia

Only two years has passed since Nina lost her husband, Steen. In 2011 Steen started to show signs of dementia, and the common daily activities suddenly became a challenge. From this moment Steen’s life was to become heavily affected by the illness, until his death 4 years later. Today Nina shares her story, describing the…

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DemensKoordinatorernes Årskursus 2016
The Annual Conference for Dementia Coordinators 2016

True to traditions, we had a stand at the Annual Conference for Dementia Coordinators in Nyborg, Denmark. We were met with an overwhelming interest, especially for our new GPS watch, Navigator. Subsequently, we have been really busy at the office, but also with visiting all the customers and municipalities that are interested in the new…

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Demenskoordinatorernes Årskursus
The Annual Conference for Dementia Coordinators in Denmark 2015

Once again, we participate in the Annual Conference for Dementia Coordinators in Nyborg, Denmark, 9th – 11th of September. We look forward to meeting all of you – both our current and future customers. Drop by our stand and learn more about what we are working on presently and have a look at our new initiatives.

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Stella Care Was Exhibited at the Dementia Days 2015

The Dementia Days 2015 was titled ’A Dementia-Friendly Society’. At the Dementia Days, participants included dementia coordinators, healthcare professionals and leaders working with diagnostics, treatment, social efforts, and caring for people with dementia. We got a chance to talk to many current and future customers. It is pleasant to be reassured that our current customers…

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Demente mangler livsvigtig gps
People with Dementia Lack Crucial GPS

Misinformation and ignorance of the law stand in the way of using GPS technology to save the lives of people with dementia, according to the Danish Alzheimer’s Association. At Stella Care, we experience that dementia coordinators and other professional have knowledge about the new regulations and that they are working actively on making people with…

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